Conflict intervention for teams & executives

Crises at companies are manifested through narrow management views. Decision-makers are not accessible, staff have already checked out mentally. Conflicts arise and affect the company’s performance. People in crises tend to think in continuous loops; they retreat into defensive routines, miss opportunities, and forget their own skills. The crisis seems to completely paralyse the organisation and the people working in it, which is why the management’s response is crucial.

Ideally, staff and managers should be made aware of the potential risk as soon as the first signs appear. At this early stage, strategies can be devised and appropriate countermeasures taken. This puts action and leadership plans to the test, as well as the internal attitudes of the staff and, most importantly, the managers.

Teaming up with the company’s own resources – its staff and managers -, we develop clear rules, response models and communication methods.

We work with all participants to make the company management and controlling procedures professional and plannable – instruments we constantly review and adjust through long-term support.

We will be glad to advise you in a personal consultation in the lead-up to your workshop.
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Dear Svend, I would like to thank you for the 13 months of your expertise in coaching, mentoring and consulting you have provided to me and our management team at Munich Marriott. I truly value your professional skills, insights and techniques you have used to bring our team together and guided us through our professional development to become a strong, efficient and effective team of experts in different disciplines with clear focus and transparent communication.The coaching sessions helped me to realize my values as a manager and Director of Finance. I have become stronger in providing and receiving constructive feedback, clear and direct decision making and sharing my professional opinion. Thank you for a valuable and professional sessions with both
Sona Sladkova
Director of Finance, Munich Marriott Hotel