Customer Journey

In our Customer Journey workshop, we work with your team to trace the path a guest takes before deciding to make a booking.
The aim is to make all participants aware of what resources already exist in order to make this journey an experience, or what is still missing. Every guest using your hotel’s services has contact with your hotel over various purchase phases and at different points. The customer contact points, such as a website visit, a personal consultation, on-site experience and much more, influence perception on the way to transforming an interested guest into a potential buyer.

In the Customer Journey workshop, we analyse the processes at your hotel from the guest’s perspective, properly assessing and optimising customer needs. As such, the guest receives personally relevant information every time they contact your hotel. Detailed analysis of customer needs results in longer-term customer loyalty, thereby securing your hotel clear competitive advantages.

Target audience:

Staff from all your hotel’s departments, including heads of department and management


  • The analyse the various touchpoints in detail

  • To visually present the touchpoints using mindmaps

  • Making information and communication processes visible, and optimising them

  • Properly assessing customer needs

  • Using and integrating existing tools

It is our aim to make the guest’s journey at your hotel engaging, pleasant and informative.

We will be glad to advise you in a personal consultation in the lead-up to your Customer Journey.
If interested, please contact us or call us:+49 30 • 983 635 - 5

testimonial Dear Svend and Silke, the world has changed, and become more complex and confusing. What worked yesterday no longer works today. As such, even training courses have had to become more professional, shifting from a theme and situation-oriented approach to a participant-oriented approach. Over the last 8 years of our partnership, you have constantly taken note of this in an exemplary manner, often as industry pioneers, and applied it to your training courses. Although it wasn’t always easy for the participants to get out of their comfort zones, everyone ended up being happy ...
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Sebastian Klink
General Manager, The Westin Bellevue Hotel, Dresden