Our client’s opinions

testimonial Dear Svend and Silke, the world has changed, and become more complex and confusing. What worked yesterday no longer works today. As such, even training courses have had to become more professional, shifting from a theme and situation-oriented approach to a participant-oriented approach. Over the last 8 years of our partnership, you have constantly taken note of this in an exemplary manner, often as industry pioneers, and applied it to your training courses. Although it wasn’t always easy for the participants to get out of their comfort zones, everyone ended up being happy and grateful for the knowledge. It is important for me to know I have partners like you by my side, who efficiently prepare for any situation, anywhere, and even develop new training formats when necessary.
Sebastian Klink
Direktor The Westin Bellevue Hotel, Dresden
testimonial As someone who both participated in and booked your coaching & training sessions, I can definitely give two thumbs up. Being a participant in your training courses isn’t always easy, and you need to be open to all directions in order to find the perfect path for you and the situation. Your service speaks for itself. I have drawn on your experience and commitment many times in subsequent leadership positions in order to refocus teams and add the finishing touches. The live sales trainings and 1:1 coachings outside the training are always enriching. Keep up the good work!
Oliver Büscher
Market Director of Sales and Marketing, Intercontinental Hotel, Düsseldorf
testimonial KeepConsult’s tips and tricks really do work! Participants are first introduced to the theory in order to then apply this in one-on-one discussions. Coaching refines your personal style, and incorporates KeepConsult’s tips and tricks. You’re guaranteed to enjoy and be fascinated by the success!
Christina Kok, ehem. Roesle
Manager Hotel & Convention "The Circle" Airport Zürich
testimonial We received great support during a very crucial time of transition and repositioning of our sales team. Together with the KeeP and SaveConsult we were able to come up with a great change management plan, that ultimately helped us to succeed. One of the key elements was their great sales background, that enabled us to quickly address “sales typical” issues without lengthy explanations. This knowledge helped us to move ahead with solutions and measurable actions in a very timely manner. Besides the quick turnaround and repositioning we can easily say that our sessions have significantly improved the internal communication and decreased the conflict potential amongst the various sales departments.Even though the storming phase within a team’s lifecycle can be very rough sometimes, with the help of our coaches and the way they engaged with the teams, we managed to navigate into the norming and performing stage very quickly and effectively. On a more personal note, I truly enjoyed working with SAVECONSULT as I was able to get a better understanding on the dynamics within my team and leading individual characters. I even had a few take a ways for my personal life.
Jürgen Salzer
Market Director of Sales and Marketing, Marriot Hotels, Zurich, CH
"Unadorned identification of the status quo, brilliant analysis of weak spots as well as strengths, logical and understandable mapping out of a “road map” – that’s KeePConsult. The result is always the same – more efficient use of the available resources of staff, time and budget. Svend Evertz is a character with whom everyone can talk on eye level; he is unsparingly honest, yet always positive. His long-standing experience in consulting and coaching enables him to provide detailed feedback about his clients’ personality after short time – though never without a short or medium term plan for improvement. A professional in and out, with whom we will happily keep working together in the future.“
Thiemo Hartwich
Area Director of Sales & Marketing Central Europe Barceló Hotels & Resorts
“Several of my staff members as well as me have had the pleasure of attending your seminars. My staff members have developed significantly through you. Developed and arrived – from being “personnel” to “Co-businessmen“. Personally I think there were and still are many new perspectives that I can use as a businessman in my everyday work. Your extremely personalised coaching really is a big gain for our company!”
Lutz Michael Horn
Managing Partner, Hotel Schieferhof Neuhaus
I found the issues covered, as well as your methods to make them understandable effective, efficient, informative and interesting. I was impressed with your enthusiasm, engaging with every single participant and their individual character. I have learned that the more one is able to identify their own character, the more useful it is to use, optimize and finally exhaust your strengths and weaknesses. Part of this is to learn to leap over one’s own shadow. To this, your seminars contribute significantly!”
Sabine Roca
Account Manager Starwood Sales Office, Frankfurt
Through KeePConsult’s professional and individualised seminars, and especially through coaching in our everyday routines, we were able to significantly increase one thing at Convention Sales: our sales volume! The amount of inquiries and the convertion rate have increased. The option terms have been shortened due to consistent FUP. But most importantly: It is fun!”
Daniel Winkler
Manager, Convention Sales, The Westin, Leipzig
Dear Svend, I would like to thank you for the 13 months of your expertise in coaching, mentoring and consulting you have provided to me and our management team at Munich Marriott. I truly value your professional skills, insights and techniques you have used to bring our team together and guided us through our professional development to become a strong, efficient and effective team of experts in different disciplines with clear focus and transparent communication.The coaching sessions helped me to realize my values as a manager and Director of Finance. I have become stronger in providing and receiving constructive feedback, clear and direct decision making and sharing my professional opinion. Thank you for a valuable and professional sessions with both
Sona Sladkova
Director of Finance, Munich Marriott Hotel
Our cooperation with KeePConsult since 2005 has proven successful for me personally, my family, the team and our entire hotel. Beginning with supporting bank negotiations through to the generational change and continuous development of our hotel into a successful convention centre in the Nurenberg area – KeePConsult successfully helped with words and deeds. The continuous engagement of KeePConsult’s advisors is clearly justified by significant increases in rates and occupancy.”
Hans Heberlein Junior
Executive Director, Hotel „Zum Alten Schloss“
It has been a real pleasure working with you last two years and I personally asses your input towards success of InterContinental Hotel Warsaw of a major value. I wish to thank you at your departure and last visit for your very inquisitive remarks, presented solutions and plans we have discussed and outlined together which helped to make our people, sales processes and methodologies a way more effective that it was previously!" div class="info">
Marcin Szymfel
Direktor of Sales and Marketing, InterContinental Warschau
“Thank you for the workshop – the results are fantastic! Returning from your seminar, my staff was motivated right to the tips of their hair – with know-how and skills that they put to use in their everyday work immediately. It was an appreciable success for the company! Your coaching is individualised to every participant’s needs, and the effects last much longer than the actual training period. In conclusion – excellent value for money for our middle-size business!”
Rita Worm
Managing Partner, Farbglashütte Lauscha GmbH
I would like to use this opportunity to say THANK YOU! THANK YOU for the wonderful training and coaching! THANK YOU for once more opening my eyes a little wider! THANK YOU for helping me to confidently face my “Günter”! THANK YOU for once more showing me how much fun it is to embrace and implement your methods. This time it was a fresh-up course for me, and I really needed it. Unfortunately, over time we fall back into weaker routines and Günter gets louder and louder. The fresh up has shut him up again and I can start afresh with my re-acquired skills to be even more successful in acquiring and closing deals, as the experience of the first coaching has shown. I definitely can and will recommend your coaching and training, as I can see for the second time that it works and how much fun it is!”
Dominic Neumann
Convention Sales Manager, The Westin Grand, Frankfurt
As a ‘repeat offender’ I have taken several opportunities to participate in trainings of Keep Consult. They are very well structured and, thanks to individual coaching, offer unsparing revelation of one’s strengths and weaknesses, thus improving performance in your work routine. It’s fascinating how easily results are achieved through the content and presentation of the training materials – even a critical person will be convinced by this success. Personally, I consider these trainings as a definite enrichment in terms of continuing education which shows immediate results – in increased turnover.”
Philipp Amberg
Account Director UK Starwood Hotels