Customer Experience Management im F&B

This workshop is all about bringing pleasure and attending to needs. The modules consist of theory and practice. As part of the course, our new network partner, DeedKnerr, uses elements from the “Kollege kommt gleich” (“Colleague coming soon”) programme applied at his former company, the Scharlatan Theater in Hamburg. He also draws on his own experiences with hundreds of guests in the audience, and on his experience as a guest himself.

This workshop is about developing personalities, bringing the guest pleasure, humour, customer loyalty and, especially in F&B, upselling.

For all areas of F&B: Bar, restaurant and banqueting


  • Change of perspective. What could a guest want from me?
  • What could happen if I attended to my guests more intensively?

Practical component:

  • Attentiveness/Perception – observing the space and the guests therein
  • Transforming from server to...?

Humour as a tool – in every area of guest contact

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