Our approach

We continuously help you and your teams with implementation and achieving targets.
This covers all areas required for increasing profitability and quality.
  • This covers all areas required for increasing profitability and quality.
  • Analysing your company’s sales activities and competitors at your premises
  • Assessing the electronic sales channels and OTA
  • Examining pre-sales, sales & revenue strategy and actual positioning
  • Analysing tenders and contracts in sales, convention sales and reservation
  • Individual training and coaching concepts for increasing sales over the long term

1. KeepWatching

This phase involves precisely examining the market, the OTA, organisational processes, and communication processes in sales, convention sales and revenue management. The marketing and sales concept is then analysed, and the location and competition assessed. You then benefit from full transparency in all success and failure factors

2. KeepThinking

Based on the results of phase 1, we work with you and your staff to develop measures and ideas, which include feasible, promising marketing and sales concepts, or long-term employee and manager development programmes. The approach covers all options, resulting in greater acceptance by all participants for the next phase - implementation

3. KeepDoing

In phase 3, the KeepConsult concept differs significantly from what has been previously known. Coaching for all participants and long-term assistance result in a measurable improvement in quality and profitability. This active support also ensures necessary adjustments during the process, without losing sight of the ultimate objectives. The long-term assistance and ongoing process reviews secure lasting, qualitative and, most importantly, economic success

testimonial Dear Svend and Silke, the world has changed, and become more complex and confusing. What worked yesterday no longer works today. As such, even training courses have had to become more professional, shifting from a theme and situation-oriented approach to a participant-oriented approach. Over the last 8 years of our partnership, you have constantly taken note of this in an exemplary manner, often as industry pioneers, and applied it to your training courses. Although it wasn’t always easy for the participants to get out of their comfort zones, everyone ended up being happy and grateful for the knowledge. It is important for me to know I have partners like you by my side, who efficiently prepare for any situation, anywhere, and even develop new training formats when necessary.
Sebastian Klink
Direktor The Westin Bellevue Hotel, Dresden