Solution-oriented team workshops

Isn’t it much more successful and encouraging for staff and managers if changes are made from the inside out?
Our experience has shown that individual workshops are a useful, motivating solution. Looking at operations from the business owner’s or corporate group’s perspective and working together to devise solutions for any resulting hurdles is the aim of our workshops. Whether it be sustainable market changes, new challenges from the customer’s end, an upcoming change process or a genuine crisis between teams, we define the goal together. We create a secure basis for all participants, and thus more open, honest communication.

Target audience:

Staff from all your hotel’s departments, including heads of department and management


  • To establish the current level of the staff and management

  • To improve communication within the teams

  • The identify the existing hurdles between the teams and/or in daily processes

  • To test existing structures and define new approaches together

  • To devise direct solutions and possible measures

  • To create new levels of communication

  • To arrange action plans

We will be glad to advise you in a personal consultation in the lead-up to your workshop.
If interested, please contact us or call us:+49 30 • 983 635 - 5
Dear Svend, I would like to thank you for the 13 months of your expertise in coaching, mentoring, Workshops and consulting you have provided to me and our management team at Munich Marriott. I truly value your professional skills, insights and techniques you have used to bring our team together and guided us through our professional development to become a strong, efficient and effective team of experts in different disciplines with clear focus and transparent communication.The coaching sessions helped me to realize my values as a manager and Director of Finance. I have become stronger in providing and receiving constructive feedback, clear and direct decision making and sharing my professional opinion. Thank you for a valuable and professional sessions with both
Sona Sladkova
Ex - Director of Finance, Munich Marriott Hotel