A different approach to in-hotel sales

The aim of this training session is to prepare, at both a theoretical and practical level, for professional sales pitches with customers and key accounts at the hotel. Role-plays intensively address the sales psychology aspects of a sales pitch, as well as how to handle objections and secure deals assertively. Devising personal pitch guidelines gives the participants confidence. The hotel’s unique selling points are keenly identified and transformed into impressive arguments, while the individual coaching performed in the second step sees participants engage in live telephone conversations with customers. The latest business deals are secured here, with the conversations individually analysed with the coach. The aim is to enhance and optimise the goal-oriented pitch. This ensures that every participant is successful, and can apply their new skills to everyday professional life.

  • Preparing sales pitches tailored specifically to the participant’s work areas
  • Setting and achieving pitch targets
  • The five phases of a sales pitch
  • Identifying the USPs
  • Devising personalised pitch guidelines
  • Conveying sales psychology aspects
  • Identifying and addressing objections
  • Question types and techniques
  • Boosting deal-closing confidence
  • Price presentation techniques and argumentation methods
  • Control and self-critical error analysis
  • Organising follow-ups
We will be glad to advise you in a personal consultation in the lead-up to your training.
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testimonial We received great support during a very crucial time of transition and repositioning of our sales team. Together with the KeeP & SaveConsult team we were able to come up with a great change management plan, that ultimately helped us to succeed. One of the key elements was their great sales background, that enabled us to quickly address “sales typical” issues without lengthy explanations. This knowledge helped us to move ahead with solutions and measurable actions in a very timely manner...
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Jürgen Salzer
Market Director of Sales and Marketing, Marriot Hotels, Zurich, CH